How To Find A lost or Theft Android Phone.

Hai friends I have already written a post to locate a android lost. Coming today I am going to show you how to locate or ring your lost mobile. I think we all agree that it is very difficult to find your android lost or your phone somewhere around. Most of us started to make calls even though it makes no sense if the vibration mode is also off. 

Here I'll tell you a better way to find your Android device if it is lost somewhere around.You can use Android Device Manager an official application by Google it is easy locate your smartphone, they are the easy steps:

1. Go to the Home page of Google Android devices manger on your desktop browser, follow the Device Manager link.

2. Log in with the same Gmail account you used to activate your Android device before and registered with Google Play.

How To Find A lost or Theft Android Phone

3. You will now see the device name and last logon date. Also, you can have mainly 3 options, they are 

4. By clicking on the ring, the device starts to sound at high volume to help you find your phone in seconds. This function works even when the phone is in silent mode.

5. You can also android remote lock the device with a password on your device if it is lost. You must enter a message and number for sure who finds your phone, you can redial the number.

How To Find A lost or Theft Android Phone

6. If the location services in your smartphone is turned-on, then u can find the location of the device in google maps, by clicking the on "locate" is on the right side of the device name service it very useful to locate your android lost.

 How to wipe android phone remotely: 

You can also clean the data by clicking Clear. It will perform a factory reset of the device. Applications, pictures, music and settings are erased. Once you delete the device, Android Device Manager no longer work. Configuring factory reset will start automatically when the device is online.


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