How To Secure Yourself From Cyber Attacks In Online:MCS

MCS is back again with some safety tips, Now Security is more important in online transactions either in payment of bills or recharge online, online shopping, banking, etc. The main important problem that all the world face these days is the security of your online transactions. But we've heard almost every day is transaction security problem as phishing scam happening worldwide.

When you're giving your card details over the Internet or a small closed padlock key symbol, usually at the bottom of the screen (sometimes the top). If you see this, it means your data is being encrypted and safe travel by cable. If you do not see it, do not give your card details. The symbol means that the retailer uses SSL, an encryption method that is extremely hard to crack.

Some tips are here to prevent online cyber-attacks from hackers:
Use secure connection while doing online transactions. Check for "S" if https or http. Almost every page of banking transactions are protected using industry standard encryption.
https:// is a secure encrypted connection. This "S" represents secured by SSH. Check for a padlock symbol protected from https:// which means it is a secure connection

Use reputable websites:
Always make payment through trusted websites only. Never give your password in a untrustworthy site. Make sure you are paying through a secure gateway or through reliable online transaction site like PayPal, Alert Pay, etc. Billdesk and CCAvenue

Verify data is encrypted:
                When you send confidential information via the Internet, such as "user names", "password" or credit card numbers only sent securely. To check this look for a small padlock in the lower right corner of the browser window or next to the address bar. If visible, this lock must also be in the locked position and will not unlock.

                       While the lock is in the locked position, the data is encrypted, which helps anyone understanding of the data if it is intercepted. When there is visible lock or unlock positions all information is intercepted plaintext and could be read. If a site is not secure, as an online forum, use a password that will not be used with protected sites, such as banking website online.

Be aware of those around you:
             While at work, school, library, or anywhere you have people around who could watch the monitor should be alert to anyone shoulder surfing. Someone might observe to enter your password, which would give them access to your account. If you need all that appears on the screen to keep private, consider a privacy filter screen.

Change your passwords every 3 months:
           Are asked consumers to remember dozens of passwords for various retailers, banks and accounts, and it is almost impossible to remember them all, especially since they often include combinations of numbers and letters. Any careful monitoring of passwords in a secure document, rely on mnemonic devices to boost your memory, or get some other clever strategy. But do not stay with simple passwords that are easy for foreigners to guess. Always use strong passwords high, most people use their mobile numbers names, etc. These are all easy to hack, these are simply hacked passwords using brute forcing tool. 
Make sure the password is 16 characters including letters, numeric symbols. If you feel that passwords is the time you can use an alphanumeric password.
Look for privacy and security:                                                                         
A company that is well aware of the most common security problems is to publish information online for you to read. Take time to look at security and privacy policies that the online store may be published and read, as this will give you more comfort you are shopping with a site that carefully guard your credit card and personal information. 
Royalty malware and spyware:

Always be sure to check the site certificate to make online transactions. Certificates are represented in four colors namely 
RED: Represents the certificate is out of date, invalid, or has an error. 

YELLOW represents the authenticity of the certificate authority that issued it can not be verified. This may indicate a problem with the web site of the certificate authority. 

WHITE: represents that the certificate has normal validation. This means that communication between your browser and the website is encrypted. 

GREEN: represents that the certificate uses extended validation. This means that communication between your browser and the website is encrypted and that the certification authority has confirmed the website is owned and operated by a company that is legally organized under the jurisdiction shown in the certificate and in the status bar security.
Must use antivirus on your PC:
           Use personal computers to make online transactions. Because it is much more secure than other internet centers and also use anti-virus software. Anti-virus to protect your computer or laptop from harmful virus software. Keep updating your antivirus up to date.
If the computer is not protected with anti-virus software `s, it is easy for hackers to install third party software on your pc` s. It will complete the other axis. You can download the free antivirus software internet, today there is no need to purchase any software. 



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