7 Exclusive Tips to Speed-Up Windows Operating System.

Mcs is back with some tips that increase the speed of the windows 7 pc or laptop. The most of the computer users like to use windows 7 operating system. it is an standard operating system in all windows. Here is a some tips for that operating system.

Use ReadyBoost:

ReadyBoost is a built-in Windows 7 feature that lets you use a USB drive (pen drive) to speed up system performance. How is this possible? The unit itself acts as additional computer memory!
To use this feature, a USB drive with at least 4 GB of space is required. From there, just connect the drive to your computer,

click "Start" and

select "Computer."

Then click the USB drive and

select "ReadyBoost".

 Finally, select "Use this device"
and choose the largest possible amount of capacity below the slide "reserve for system speed Space."

Remove Windows Transparency:

The transparency of the windows is a great advantage from a presentation, but this may not be the case for those with older hardware, because it can drastically affect performance. The good thing is that transparency can be disabled easily.

Just right-click the desktop,

select "Customize",

choose the active theme and

 go to "Windows Color."

Finally, uncheck "Enable Transparency".

Remove unwanted features:

There may be many features of Windows 7 that you do not really need. These same features may also slow down your computer. To deactivate,

click "Start,"

select "Control Panel" and

select "Programs and Features".

Then select the "Turn Windows features on or off" option,
 browse the list and disable all the features you want to disable. Once you're done, just click "OK" to remove those items.

Update the drivers for Windows 7:

Make sure you have the latest device drivers made ​​specifically for Windows 7. You can update your drivers from the official websites of you pc manufacture. The second option is that you use some of the third party software’s to check updates of drivers automatically.

Remove startup services:

Home Services are known to slow down the performance of XP and Vista. The same applies to Windows 7. Can disable the unwanted services by 

clicking on"Start",

type "msconfig" in search Tab and

click "Enter".

Select  the "Services tab" on the next window.

De-select the services U don’t want to run automatically at startup.

While this all depends on preferences, services that affect performance include most  Files ,PC Input Services, Fax, Windows Search.

Disable  Animations (Min&Max):

Many users have already fallen in love with minimizing and maximizing animation effects of windows. However, some may find irritating after a while, and that over time can lead to delays. To disable this feature,

click "Start

type "System Properties Performance" in the search bar and

click "OK"

On the next screen disable and click "Animate window when minimizing and 

Disabling  Disk Defragmentation option:

The automatic disk defragmentation in Windows is interfused to balance the health of OS.  It also makes Windows run slightly slower. You can stop this by de-selecting or disabling the feature. To do this, click "Start" and select "Computer." Then right click on your main hard drive and select "Properties." Finally, select the "Tools" tab, click "Defragment Now" and uncheck "Run on a schedule option."


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