#WhatsApp Calling is Free.? How Much It Will Costs.??

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WhatsApp is now extending the voice calling function. Although for the moment there is nothing official about it. But there are thousands of users who already have WhatsApp voice calling function in their applications.For those who do not have it yet, is expected to arrive soon. In fact, last Friday began WhatsApp enable the users all night. Many people managed to get them before around 10 pm after which the process to get the feature mysteriously stopped working.

When the WhatsApp voice calling feature is enabled, the layout of the app is change. The updated version of WhatsApp has 3 tabs one is for calls, one for chats, and one for contacts.Calls can be made by going into the calls tab and clicking on new call. Or by clicking on the display picture of a contact and then calling button. This function is not working for the people who does`t have the update of latest version.

Here we need to know that how much cost that whatsapp calls is going to charge. So for  we know that whatsapp calling will bring down our monthly mobile  bills. Here the question is “How much it is going to be.?”.  The charges may depends-on your data plan. Coming to india the 3G data plans are costly, in 2G data plans you will not get a good voice clarity.

I have checked the data consumption by some 3G mobile network. I made a call for 10 minutes to my friend  for this it has  nearly taken 7.26MB of Data.The average charges of all cellular networks are 3p/10KB for this 7 MB of data charges approximately Rs.21 in case of an STD, ISD calls it is not a big amount.

If you are using a data plan that costs avg RS 250 then you will charge less than RS 2.5. I think, that every whatsapp user  is already subscribed to their respective data plans. Using of whatsapp calling in WI-FI networks it won`t charge any data, because the data limit in wi-fi connections is unlimited and you will have a good speed that leads to good voice clarity.

Finally we conclude that using of whatsapp calling feature will save your money. Even it for local calls, STD calls, ISD call..The problem is that, The whatsapp calling function is not fully implemented by the company at now most of the people does not have is feature. If whatsapp calling is fully implemented then the data usage by the users will increase and talk-time usage is goes down. 

Update:How to Get WhatsApp Voice Calling Function.(WhatsApp Server Is Working Now 12:30AM)

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Hello friends for the last post WhatsApp calling function we got a grate response. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application that has been used by all over the world. The WhatsApp voice function is new option for the latest version. WhatsApp is not officially announced about this voice calling function.

From the last few days millions of users have been received this function on their Android mobiles. The WhatsAppvoice calling function for Apple devices is active at this moment. This application supports only on Android 4.2 or more.

Here are some frequently asked questions by our readers.

When will you get WhatsApp voice calling function.?

We are not conformed that the invite window for WhatsApp voice calling function is open for in 27/7, from the last 7 days it remains opened for few hours only.  So we need to wait for that. We will update our readers thought our facebook page.

Which version of application you need to have.?

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Most of the users are updating their WhatsApp application from Google Playstore(2.12.7) but 99.9% of users are failed to enable their voice calling function with that application.
You need to have latest version of WhatsApp v2.11.561 for voice calling.it is not available in PlayStore itself. You need to Download APK file from other website or you can Download here.

What you need to do after Download.?

After downloading the APK file to your android mobile, At first you need to uninstall your older version of WhatsApp from your mobile and then install the latest version which you have downloaded(v2.11.261). Then reboot your android mobile. Now it is not fully done, you need to receive a WhatsApp call from those who have already have the WhatsApp voice calling function, this is called the “invite”.

How to get an invite or voice call to active voice calling.?

At present so many users those who have voice calling function are posting their number on public websites but we don`t whey are sending invite or not. But we are providing the invites to enable your voice calling function .From the last two-days our team is working hard to get enable voice calling function to our blog readers and followers.

To get a voice call from us you need leave a comment below along with your mobile number.

Why my WhatsApp is not showing an calling menu even after receiving the invite call.??

At first after receiving the voice call you need to close your WhatsApp application and reopen it.  We have found that many of the users not getting voice calling function even they have restarted the application. The problem is “At that time the invite window or the WhatsApp voice calling server is closed”. At this time you will receive the voice calls from others but you are not able to make calls. You need to wait for server to update after the update you will automatically get the calling function.

What is Status of the server.?

It is different for different geographical locations. For our location it is closed now. calling function will active now.

WhatsApp Calling Feature For Android Smartphones.

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WhatsApp seems to have opened its function of voice call to all Android users, inviting window is now open for Wahatsapp voice calling from several hours. Most popular messaging application has been updating World 's features by opening the invitation only a few hours at a time.

Many people have been receiving the calling function WhatsApp on your Android moblies. To activate the function, all you need to update yor application to the latest Whatsapp versionv2.11.561. You can free download WhatsApp v2.11.561 (Download) and call someone who already has the feature. After receiving the call, you will see Tab WhatsApp as calls, chats and contacts.

This move seems to have come on the back of another update for WhatsApp - for more than 1 billion facility through Google Play. These figures, of course, does not reveal the actual number of users WhatsApp because anyone who installed WhatsApp once counted in this number. The number is not reduced if the person proceeds to remove the application. Even then, the number shows how popular messaging application is.

Now, the function of voice calls are launched to some users, but the window was closed before inviting most people could obtain the feature. WhatsApp has yet to announce the official voice calling feature on their website or notes version of Google Play. WhatsApp for iPhone does not have this feature, but a voice calling button in the application appeared some time ago.

Having established itself as the most popular messaging app world with over 700 million monthly active users, WhatsApp for Android users also recently got a web version that works pretty well.

Note: I am using this voice calling feature on my WhatsApp, If you want a Invite to enable your voice calling leave a comment whith your mobile number i will invite you or send a massage through  contact form.

How To Find A lost or Theft Android Phone.

Hai friends I have already written a post to locate a android lost. Coming today I am going to show you how to locate or ring your lost mobile. I think we all agree that it is very difficult to find your android lost or your phone somewhere around. Most of us started to make calls even though it makes no sense if the vibration mode is also off. 

Here I'll tell you a better way to find your Android device if it is lost somewhere around.You can use Android Device Manager an official application by Google it is easy locate your smartphone, they are the easy steps:

1. Go to the Home page of Google Android devices manger on your desktop browser, follow the Device Manager link.

2. Log in with the same Gmail account you used to activate your Android device before and registered with Google Play.

How To Find A lost or Theft Android Phone

3. You will now see the device name and last logon date. Also, you can have mainly 3 options, they are 

4. By clicking on the ring, the device starts to sound at high volume to help you find your phone in seconds. This function works even when the phone is in silent mode.

5. You can also android remote lock the device with a password on your device if it is lost. You must enter a message and number for sure who finds your phone, you can redial the number.

How To Find A lost or Theft Android Phone

6. If the location services in your smartphone is turned-on, then u can find the location of the device in google maps, by clicking the on "locate" is on the right side of the device name service it very useful to locate your android lost.

 How to wipe android phone remotely: 

You can also clean the data by clicking Clear. It will perform a factory reset of the device. Applications, pictures, music and settings are erased. Once you delete the device, Android Device Manager no longer work. Configuring factory reset will start automatically when the device is online.

#DigiLocker A High Secured Free Online Storage For Documents By Government Of India IT&C.

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Government of India has recently launched DigiLock - Digital Locker, facilities for storing important documents online.You can store the certificate of birth, PAN card, Ration card and other important documents in this box. This system eliminates the need for physical copy of your important documents with you.

Digital Warehouse is part of India's premier digital program Narendra Modi.Department of Electronics and Information Technology (deity) has launched a beta version of a digital locker. We will discuss in detail about digital locker.

DigiLock online safe storage is provided for storing important documents. Once the documents are uploaded on this site will act as authorized documents. You need not carry physical documents, you can send link Digilock documents uploaded.

Personal storage space dedicated linked to Aadhaar number of each resident. DigiLocker can be used to securely store electronic documents and store the link Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of electronic documents issued by various departments issuer. The email session service provided as part of DigiLock system can be used to digitally sign electronic documents.

With registration for the DigiLocker you must have a Aadhaar number and a mobile number registered with Aadhaar. Please type your Aadhaar number in the text box against "Please enter UID" and enter characters as shown in the captcha code. After clicking the record button, an OTP (One Time Password) will be shipped by UIDAI the mobile number and email-id registered with Aadhaar. Enter the prosecution and click the "OK OTP" button.Once the Attorney signal is validated and connection is complete.

You can upload documents to digital store. Before loading the documents you need to select the document type from the menu. Drop-down menu lets you select documents like PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport, electricity bill, Ration card, degree certificate, certificate of residence, etc.

Wonder in Digital Tablet Market : A Dual Os Tablet With Android and Windows 8.1.

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File Format PDF, JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG is only allowed. The maximum size allowed for the document is 1 MB. Free space provided in digital locker is 10 MB.

Will minimize the use of physical documents and provide the authenticity of electronic documents addition, provide secure access to Govt. documents issued. It will also reduce the administrative burden of Govt. departments and agencies and make it easier for residents receive services.

Check This Link  http://digitallocker.gov.in/

#$! New UCweb For Android 10.0 is Now Available To Download From Play Store.

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 UCweb for Android is currently obtainable for download via Google Play. The remake of UC Browser comes with a fresh UI that is galvanized by Google's Material style philosophy seen in Android 5.0 Lollipop. UC Browser 10.0 for Android  conjointly comes with simplified settings and a redesigned navigation page.

Other major new options of New 10.0 UCweb for Android include a fresh tab management system that produces it easier to change between various open tabs. As you'd expect, the discharge conjointly includes a series of bug fixes. UC 10.0 for Android weighs in at regarding 13MB and download UC Browser for Android.(Click Here)

UC 10.0 runs on mobiles running Android 2.2 or above, with [UC Browser HD For Android] obtainable for tablets.

UCWeb for Android, the manufacturers of UC net, conjointly recently updated UC Browser mini to version nine.5.1, bringing features like navigation cards to users in India. alternative new options embrace easier access to saved pages associate degreed an font size optimised for smaller screen devices.

UC Browser mini is UCWeb's light-weight browser for phones with lower specs. UC Browser mini nine.5.1 weighs in at a mere one.1MB and UCweb for Android currently obtainable for free download uc browser for Android devices running 2.1 or above.
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